Who do YOUR kids train with?

Every lesson with SDSS Martial Arts builds Self-Confidence, Discipline, and empowers kids to be their best.  High-energy fun and personalized instruction, delivered the way teens love to learn – with their peers. Your teen will develop the leadership, self-confidence, and focus they need to succeed in school and in life.   


Our instructors go through a two-year intensive training program that includes work in martial arts and child development.  As a result, we have the best-trained instructors in the industry.  

Confidence | Character | Grit | Focus

Martial Arts for Teens

Teen classes provide a high-energy and fun experience in the environment teens like best – learning with their peers. Teens want to be treated like adults without adult responsibility. We work to prepare them mentally and physically for the adult world while training them as martial artists with great respect and self-control.

YOUR teen can be different.


In an era when high school students are too often granted social promotion, your teen will become steeped in a growth mindset that keeps them reaching for goal after goal. It takes weeks of dedication just to earn the right to test for the next belt level. When those same kids move from high school to college, they’ll understand the meaning of words like “perseverance.” They understand that it is normal – and even desirable – for the standards and goals to be raised each and every year.

Get the Martial Arts Edge


Teens who study Kung Fu gain an edge in high school, and are better prepared for the college years. Martial artists have to be goal-centered and self-disciplined to make black belt. It takes years of dedication, respect, and perseverance. They learn to make better choices along the way, and discover how those choices can lead to positive outcomes today and well into the future.


Scheduling is done on a per-studio basis.  Contact your local studio and they will build a schedule for your student.  

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