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With locations in Connecticut, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, Steve DeMasco’s Studios is one of the fastest growing martial arts schools in the country. What sets our studios apart is our quest for excellence and our mission to bring professional and authentic Shaolin martial arts instruction to women, men and children throughout the world. Try a free lesson today!


After 40 years of instructing, we believe that the Shaolin martial arts are for everyone, regardless of age or gender.


All children and adults should have the opportunity to experience the health, peace of mind, and self-defense benefits that you can achieve by training at Steve DeMasco’s Shaolin Studios.


You should experience all this in a clean, healthy, and motivating environment.


We guarantee that you will leave each and every martial arts class with a feeling of accomplishment and renewed self-esteem.


This is our mission, and this is our promise!

-Grandmaster DeMasco

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Programs for All Ages

Tiny Tigers

Programs for children ages 3-4

Tiny Tigers - Ages 3-4

Yes, children under the age of five can learn the martial arts, in the proper environment with an appropriately trained instructor. That’s what you’ll get at SDSS.
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Programs for ages 5-7

Tigers - Ages 5-7

Tigers class provides the high-energy fun and life skills kids need. Each class starts with basics and exercises based on animals from the Shaolin Five Fist system and moves into action-packed drills that develop each student’s skills.
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Programs for ages 7-11

Dragons- Ages 7-11

Dragons class is a fast-paced and action-packed session of martial foundations, self defense, and fun, with just a little bit of good natured intensity and competition built in.
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Programs for ages 12-16

Teens - Ages 12-16

This high-energy class is taught in a similar manner to the adult class, but with very little down time, and lots of peer interaction.
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Programs for ages 17+


You will receive the most effective self-defense training available. This is the same system Grandmaster uses to train the FBI SWAT teams.
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Scheduling is done on a per-studio basis.  Contact your local studio and they will build a schedule for your student.  

Or even better, take a free lesson! 

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