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The Best Martial Arts in Keene, NH

At Steve DeMasco’s Martial Arts Keene, we open the doors to martial arts for every age group. Centrally located in the picturesque town of Keene, NH, our vibrant studio is filled with energy, fun, and a thriving community spirit.

Offering specially curated programs for children, teens, and adults, we promise a journey of transformation and achievement. Our dedicated instructors are passionate about martial arts and are devoted to providing a secure, safe, and inviting environment for fitness and personal growth.

More than just martial arts practices, we strive to foster the virtues of self-discipline and confidence. We imbue strong values such as patience, honesty, and respect into our teachings, shaping our students into well-rounded individuals.

Come find out why we stand out as a premier martial arts studio in the heart of Keene, NH. Everyone is welcome on our mats!

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FREE Intro Lesson
With Steve DeMasco’s Shaolin Studios of Keene, your FIRST lesson is always free.  Use this form to book a time that works for your busy schedule.

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Convenient Location

Situated in the heart of Keene, NH, near the CVS on West Street, our martial arts studio provides the perfect blend of convenience and high-quality martial arts instruction. If you’re a family in search of martial arts training, self-discipline, and fitness, our studio is just a stone’s throw away. We offer enriching and energetic programs for all age groups, fostering strengths in a secure, clean, and enjoyable environment. Count on our dedicated professional instructors to guide you through your journey of self-improvement. Swing by our studio and discover why we’re hailed as the best martial arts training in Keene, NH. Embark on your journey today!

Build Confidence, Discipline, and Self Defense

Welcome to Steve DeMasco’s Martial Arts  Keene, NH, where our principal goal is to inspire positive change in the lives of our students through our exclusive SDSS Life Skills Program. Our teachings extend beyond mere self-defense—we build on five fundamental principles: Shaolin Discipline, Shaolin Self Control, Shaolin Respect, Shaolin Honesty, and Shaolin Patience.

Our instructors are the best trained in the industry. They put their heart and soul into guiding your children in integrating these principles into every aspect of life. At Steve DeMasco’s Martial Arts of Keene, it’s not just about forging a future in martial arts—it’s about gearing them up for success in life!


Defend yourself on every level

At Steve DeMasco’s Martial Arts Keene, NH, martial arts is more than just physical prowess—it’s a journey of self-discipline, fitness, essential life skills, and fun. We design programs to suit all, from our ‘tigers’ as young as four years old to adults enthusiastic about unlocking their potential through martial arts.

Our distinguished martial arts curriculum transcends mere self-defense moves. We strive to instill a profound sense of self-confidence and achievement, enabling you to thrive in all areas of life.

You’ll train with a supportive community in a clean, modern dojo designed to help you excel. With a reputation for the most effective self-defense system in the business, you’ll learn holistic defense skills and unleash your inner dragon. Start your journey today!

Convenient Times

Understanding the bustling lives of our families, Steve DeMasco’s Martial Arts Keene, NH ensures our class times comfortably fit your busy schedule. Whether you are a parent juggling multiple responsibilities or an adult with a packed calendar, our flexible schedule offers martial arts classes tailored for you. We are committed to integrating martial arts seamlessly into your daily routine, making it an enjoyable and accessible experience for everyone.

girl in a class of karate students punching with her lefthand
SDSS Student showing focus and self discipline


At Steve DeMasco’s Martial Arts Keene, NH, we understand martial arts goes beyond mere physical defense—it’s about safeguarding yourself emotionally and standing up for others when it’s needed. This forms the core of our unique Anti-Bullying Program, underpinned by our signature SDSS Life Skills Program. From kids as young as four years old to adults seeking advanced skills, we offer programs designed to cater to every need. Our system holds the reputation of being the most formidable in the business. Come join us at Steve DeMasco’s Martial Arts and empower yourself to defeat bullying on every front.


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