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Best Martial Arts In Newtown, CT

Welcome to SDSS Martial Arts of Newtown, CT, where we’re excited to offer the friendliest and most inviting Best Martial Arts in Newtown, CT. Our dedication to providing personalized service means you’ll enjoy a fun, empowering journey as you master martial arts. Located conveniently in the Big Y Plaza, our dojo is easy to access for everyone. Our instructors are not only the best-trained in the industry but also passionate about helping you learn the most effective self-defense system out there. With personalized service, your unique experience will be tailored to suit your pace and goals. We promise that after every class, you’ll leave feeling great and energized. Come join us today and experience the best martial arts training with our guarantee!

teen martial arts student performing flying side kick

Reviews for SDSS Martial Arts of Newtown

Convenient Location

Say hello to our SDSS Martial Arts of Newtown, comfortably situated in the vibrant Big Y Plaza, right in the Newtown center. With our location’s easy access from i84, traveling to our studio is as straightforward as it gets. Nestled close to Sandy Hook, we’re just a stone’s throw from our eager martial arts students in the area. But our reach extends further, as we are a go-to martial arts hub for neighboring communities such as Monroe, Bethel, Brookfield, and Southbury. Discover the true convenience of joining martial arts classes at our perfectly located studio!

Build Confidence, Discipline, and Self Defense

Welcome to SDSS Martial Arts of Newtown, CT, where we’re committed to enriching the lives of kids and teens with our unique SDSS Life Skills Program. More than just self-defense, we focus on instilling five key principles: Shaolin Discipline, Shaolin Self Control, Shaolin Respect, Shaolin Honesty, and Shaolin Patience. These principles help each young martial artist grow not only in skill but in character. Our passionate instructors put their heart into teaching your children how to harness these values, so they can use them in all aspects of life. Our supportive atmosphere, expert guidance, and emphasis on character development aim to mold them into fine individuals. Welcome to our friendly community at SDSS Martial Arts of Newtown, CT. Let us walk with your child on this exciting journey, building confidence, enhancing fitness, and mastering self-defense skills – all while acquiring important life skills for a successful future!

SDSS Student showing focus and self discipline

Defend yourself on every level

At SDSS Martial Arts of Newtown, CT, we understand martial arts is more than just physical self-defense—it’s also a powerful tool for emotional strength and learning to protect others. That’s why our programs cater to all age groups, from as young as four years old to adults looking to master advanced techniques. We pride ourselves on offering an industry-leading self-defense system. Beyond just punches and kicks, we train you to build a strong inner defense mechanism. Come and explore martial arts with us today, and learn to defend yourself on every level!

Convenient Times

At SDSS Martial Arts of Newtown, CT, we know life can be hectic. That’s why we offer class times that work well for active families and busy grown-ups. No matter if you’re a mom or dad with lots on your plate or an adult with a full calendar, we’ve got classes that fit your life. Our flexible schedule makes it easy to find the perfect time for you, so you won’t miss out on any important stuff. We believe martial arts should be for everyone, and we promise to help make it an enjoyable part of your busy day.

karate students working on a nunchaku form
SDSS Student showing focus and self discipline


At SDSS Martial Arts in Newtown, CT, we understand martial arts goes beyond mere physical defense—it’s about safeguarding oneself emotionally and standing up for others too. This forms the core of our unique Anti-Bullying Program, underpinned by our signature SDSS Life Skills Program. From kids as young as four years old to adults seeking advanced skills, we offer programs designed to cater to every need. Our system holds the reputation of being the most formidable in the business. Come join us at SDSS Martial Arts and empower yourself to defeat bullying on every front.

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