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Kempo, Chuan Fa, Poon Lone Kuen, and more

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At the heart of Steve DeMasco’s Shaolin Studios (SDSS), we offer an extraordinary martial arts experience spanning Authentic Shaolin Kempo, Shaolin Chuan Fa, Tai Chi, and the traditional Poon Lone Kuen Kung Fu. Here, you’ll explore a curriculum that reveres the illustrious Shaolin Temple lineage while adapting its timeless virtues for the modern world. Our approach emphasizes serenity and alignment, embodying over 5,000 years of Kung Fu wisdom. Experience the power, grace, and profound spirituality of Kung Fu. Discover your path with SDSS Martial Arts and let the journey to mastery begin.

Is Authenticity Important to You?

Authentic Shaolin Kempo

The instructors of Steve DeMasco’s Shaolin Studios receive the most authentic Shaolin training in the United States from the foremost American practitioner of the Shaolin arts.  Our instructors bring Shaolin Kempo directly to you at your local SDSS Studio.  Whether you’re a student or hope to become an instructor one day, you’ve found the right place to start. 

From the Shaolin Temple to You

Shaolin Chuan Fa

Shaolin Chuan Fa was created by the famous Shaolin Warrior Monks several hundred years ago. With all their martial arts training, the warrior monks of China realized that their existing methods of self-defense were not effective enough to protect the temple and themselves. As a result, a handful of monks created the Shaolin Chuan Fa system that became the most effective self-defense system in all of China and later, the world. To this day it remains so.

Traditional Kung Fu


Poon Lone Kuen is traditional Kung Fu. There is not a better form of exercise that one can do for health and fitness than traditional Kung Fu, offering traditional forms derived from the 5 sacred animals: tiger, crane, leopard, snake, and the famous Asian dragon. This system also incorporates traditional Chinese weapon training. Shaolin Chuan Fa was developed from the fighting techniques of these forms.


We at SDSS are honored to represent Shaolin Kung Fu in the U.S., on appointment directly from the Shaolin Temple in China and the Abbot of the Temple, Shi Yongxin.

Peace and Centeredness

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the original Kung Fu system, and is over 5000 years old. Incorporating all the animal movements, it develops internal Chi Gong if instructed properly, and is a system for all ages. It is also called the soft style of Kung Fu. The most popular style of Tai Chi is the Yang style, which also incorporates weapon training. This is the style we at SDSS teach in selected studios.