Adults' Martial Arts

Adults' Martial Arts

Who do YOU train with?

Every lesson with SDSS Martial Arts builds Self-Confidence, Discipline, and empowers you to be your best.  This is the same self-defense system taught to the FBI SWAT teams.


Our instructors go through a two-year intensive training program.  Then, for as long as they are on the floor, each instructor studies weekly with a Senior Master.  As a result, you receive the best-trained instructors in the industry. 

The SDSS system is taught to the FBI SWAT teams.

Fitness and personal safety

At SDSS, first and foremost, our objective is personal safety. Our world has changed and so have the rules. We don’t promote violence, however, we do advocate that an individual has the right to protect themselves and their families.

The Most Effective System Available

Self Defense

You will receive the most effective self-defense training available. This is the same system used to train the FBI SWAT teams.

High-Energy | Major Impact


We provide the high-energy fun and life skills kids need. Each class starts with basics and exercises based on animals from the Shaolin Five Fist system and moves into action-packed drills that develop each student’s skills.

Fast-paced, Friendly, Inclusive


We are committed to making sure every student feels great after every class.  You’ll discover new energy, strength, and confidence after every class.