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The talented instructors at SDSS Martial Arts of Newton, MA offer top-notch martial arts training that will boost your confidence and inner strength, while nurturing both physical and mental growth. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of martial arts or have some experience under your belt, we have tailor-made classes designed to fit your needs and you will have a blast along the way. Brace yourself for life-changing experiences as you master powerful self-defense skills and elevate your overall fitness levels with our diverse curriculum.

Join our dynamic and inclusive community and set forth on an exhilarating journey of personal growth and empowerment. Together, we will push our boundaries and conquer every challenge that comes our way.

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Convenient Location

SDSS Martial Arts in Newton, MA, is located in the largest downtown area among all the villages within Newton. Our studio delivers top-notch martial arts instruction in a family-friendly environment. Get ready to unlock your potential and become the best version of yourself with our energetic programs. Designed to empower you, our classes take place in a safe, clean, and rejuvenating atmosphere. Join our supportive community, and not only will you acquire valuable self-defense skills, but you’ll also experience the sheer joy of martial arts in a convenient location right in your neighborhood. Join us at SDSS today and discover the incredible impact this lifestyle can have on you!

Build Confidence, Discipline, and Self Defense

Transform your life through our exclusive SDSS Life Skills Program. Immerse yourself in the five essential principles that form the foundation of our training: Shaolin Discipline, Shaolin Self Control, Shaolin Respect, Shaolin Honesty, and Shaolin Patience. Our highly skilled and passionate instructors are dedicated to guiding you on your personal journey toward improved fitness, boosted confidence, and mastery of crucial self-defense skills. Join our family at SDSS Martial Arts in Newton, MA, and unleash your true potential.

Defend yourself on every level

At SDSS, we recognize that martial arts is more than physical defense—it’s about mastering emotional resilience and protecting others as well. That’s why our tailored programs cater to kids from four years old to adults seeking to learn advanced techniques. We offer the most effective self-defense system available. Embark on a transformative journey of empowerment, community, and personal growth with us!

Convenient Times

Here at SDSS Martial Arts in Newton, MA, we know the challenges of balancing work, family, and everyday obligations. This is why we aim to simplify the process of placing your fitness and self-defense at the top of your priority list. Our flexible class schedule ensures that you can effortlessly integrate training into your fast-paced lifestyle. By focusing on your unique requirements, we stand out as a tight-knit community of empowered individuals who value discipline and personal development. Embark on this incredible journey with us. Be assured that your decision will quickly fulfill your self-defense and fitness ambitions within your bustling schedule.


We know that dealing with bullying can be tough for kids and parents alike. We aim to make a difference by teaching our students to tackle bullying by taking action. By creating a powerful combination of martial arts and life skills, your child will be equipped to confidently handle any bully they encounter. But it doesn’t stop there – our training goes beyond physical techniques. We foster self-assurance and resilience in every student, empowering them to become extraordinary leaders not only in the dojo but in their everyday lives. It is never too early to start building confidence and teaching anti-bullying techniques to young students so they can have the fortitude to boldly stand up for themselves and others.

Something for Everyone

We believe that the power of martial arts in every person’s life, from young children to adults, is very tangible. Our team of highly skilled instructors not only teaches the techniques but also provides a community of strong, disciplined individuals who know how to defend themselves and have fun doing it. Our classes are tailored to your experience and skills, ensuring rapid progress while making every moment of your journey unforgettable.

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