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Letters home from camp – SDSS Fairfield Camp Day 4

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Dear Mom and Dad,

NINJAGO DAY!  It was AWESOME!  We made our own Dojos out of Legos!

OK – first we had class. Even the new kids are getting pretty good.  Their kicks and punches are getting very strong.  And I’m making new friends, so it’s fun.

Then we hung out and made our own dojos out of legos.  Each of us stood up and told everyone about our special dojo and its special powers.  I worked in a team with a couple other kids.

Then we had snack.  Then…ninja hockey!

Finally, we played Ninjago Spinners.

Tomorrow is Movie Day.  We’re watching Kung Fu Panda, and Sifu John says we’re going to learn some new kung fu!  I can’t wait!





Letters home from camp – SDSS Fairfield Day 3

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Dear Mom and Dad,

Star Wars Day was awesome!  Sifu Grace came dressed as Padme, and Leia, Anakin,  and Yoda played with us.

We began with a Teamwork class.  I was on the Banthas, and we played the Light Sabers.  We ended up in a tie, but it was a great day.

After class, we made little R2D2′s, and they looked really cute.  Then we had snack – Star Wars Chewies.

We learned how to make paper airplanes, and had a paper airplane contest, and then we played a whole bunch of Ninja Hockey with balloons.

I hope this week never ends!



Letters from Camp at SDSS Fairfield – Day 2

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Dear Mom & Dad,

I can’t believe it.  Angry Birds Day was as much fun as yesterday!  OK – even more fun.  Well, anyway…

We started the day with Kung Fu class.  We talked about the Tiger, which teaches us Self Control.   I guess Angry Birds don’t have self control, which is why they’re angry all the time.  I think it has something to do with pigs, too.  I don’t know.

Then we made our own Angry Birds.  It was fun. Sifu Grace showed us how to make them out of yarn.

Then we played some games, like Angry Birds Soccer, and Angry Birds Hockey.  Then we ran another obstacle course, and it was time to go home.

Oh – I almost forgot.  For snack we had Angry Birds gummies.   Awesome.

Can I come back tomorrow?



Letter from SDSS Fairfield Summer Camp

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Dear Mom & Dad,

I’m here at SDSS of Fairfield’s summer camp.  We’re having a great time!

It was Tropical Island Day today.  Harvey and Melvin (the warrior statues in the back) were all dressed up like they were from Hawaii or something.

Today began with a crazy Leadership class.  We each got a chance to lead the class ourselves.  It was really fun.

Then we made our own volcanoes and went outside to blow them up!

We had tropical fruit for snack.  Then we played a game called Ninja Wars.  It was really fun.  Sifu Grace totally lost it, and started throwing noodles at everyone.  It was soooooo funny!!

Then we played a game called “Capture the Pineapple.”  We were “Banana Island,” and we had to steal the pineapple from “Coconut Island.”  I scored 2 points!

Thanks for letting me go to this camp!  I can’t …

Shaolin Olympics Fairfield Regional

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What a terrific day!

Shaolin Olympics Pre-Party

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30th March

On March 30, 2012, more than 30 kids came and rocked the Shaolin Olympics Pre-Party in the Fairfield Studio.  Ninja Volleyball, Angry Birds Soccer, Ninja Wars, Pillars of Doom, and all the pizza you could eat!  What a greatnight!

Scenes from Sparring Club

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25th March

Scenes from this week’s Sparring Club!

Class on the Black Rock Turnpike

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25th March

This past Thursday’s unseasonably warm weather gave us a chance to have class outside for a change!  

Connecticut Shaolin Olympics Weekend of Fun! March 30 & 31

20th February

On Saturday, March 31, SDSS studios in Connecticut will host their Regional Shaolin Olympics.  Remember, you need to participate and rank in the top four in your regional event in order to compete at the state and national events.

The fun begins on Friday, March 30, with a Shaolin Olympics Prep and Board Breaking party.  Friends and siblings are invited to participate, while students who will perform in the Shaolin Olympics the next day put the finishing touches on their performance.  See your local studio for details.

Then on Saturday, March 31, we will host our  Shaolin Olympics.  This event will highlight the best and brightest of our students doing defensive techniques, forms, weapons, and sparring.  Siblings will be invited to break a board at the event itself.

Participation in the Shaolin Olympics Regional is open to students currently enrolled in SDSS, and …

Competition – It’s About Growth

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7th February

A while ago I had a conversation with a mom who wasn’t sure whether she should enter her child into the Tournament.  We talked through her questions and concerns.  After we spoke, she understood the potential benefit, and encouraged her to compete.  She participated, and did very well.  That whole conversation got me to thinking just what competitions are all about.

Competitions and tournaments build confidence.   Our tournaments are designed to balance risk with reward, and our judges are thoroughly trained to make the experience student-centered and positive regardless of outcomes.

Competitions celebrate learning.  That is its own reward, and the most valuable thing we can give our children, and ourselves.
Moreover, tournaments allow students to set goals and accomplish them.  They spend the weeks leading up to the tournament refining a very specific piece of Kung Fu, and then “leave it all on …

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